The Universal Law Of Giving

You may have heard that “As ye sow, so shall you reap” that if you give, you will get something in return. Maybe, in a half hearted “I’ll give it a go’ way, you give a small gift and then sit back, arms folded, waiting for your automatic return. If nothing happens you then declare that “this doesn’t work”. You then stop giving – simply because you have seen no return. In fact just at the point where you are ready to give up – that is the point when you are ready to give.”

Ok – that doesn’t make much sense does it?

According to Andrew Reynolds, it does. “There is a universal law of giving. If you give, you will receive back, in abundance.”

BUT – you have to give from the heart – selflessly.

You need to give straight from the heart –with no expectation. According to Andrew Reynolds, you need to give because you want to share with someone – not for what it will return to you as some sort of reward for services rendered.

You can’t simply decide to give – with the ulterior motive of ‘what’s in it for me’. That simply doesn’t work with the Law of Giving.

Of course there are many people who have been successful in life – really successful Multi Millionaires who are all involved in charities – many of which they worked with before they were successful.

And there will be sceptics who sniff and say: ” it’s great for them as they can write it off against their taxes”

But unlike their money – their time isn’t a tax efficient way of giving – They give their time from their hearts – with no strings attached simply because they are not expecting anything in return – or at least they don’t enter into the giving with the intention of getting something in return.

Most of the time, truly ‘giving’ people donate money and time – and they give from the heart.

According to Andrew Reynolds. when you give selflessly – and give from the bottom of your heart –  you send out a powerful message that says: I am happy to share what I have and therefore the more I have the more I will share with others. This is the message that is picked up by your subconscious mind, the universe and your higher self. For no other reason, you will find that you are then put in situations that allow you to have more because you will share more. The key to the whole Law of Giving is to give from your heart and give without expecting anything back.

We are all guilty of putting off the day – telling ourselves that we will do something in the future as ‘now is not the right time. Fight that impulse – try something right now, today. Send a gift, no matter how small – or give a little of your time today to help someone else other than yourself. If you do it from the heart – you will receive back.

What have you got to lose?

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