Jane Somner Cash On Demand

One great success story for Andrew Reynolds courses is Jane Somner. The Jane Somner Cash On Demand success story begins about 4 years ago when she and her husband were at rock bottom having been let down in a business venture which had put them heavily in debt.

According to Jane Somner Cash On Demand was the thing that puled them out of the mire. They subscribed to Andrews best-selling Cash On Demand course and learned the marketing methods he teaches for small home based businesses.

The Cash On Demand business then started on her kitchen table and in her spare room – using what Andrew had taught her.

Selling a simple set of CDs costing under £5 a set to send to customers – and selling for around £197 (all part of the Cash on Demand business model) she was successful on her first project – an amazing start to the Jane Somner Cash On Demand story.

According to Jane, Cash On Demand is very simple to understand. “He gives you simple step by step guidance on how his Cash On Demand system works – and using his model my husband and I were able to start from scratch, literally working on our kitchen table, and pull in over £87,958 in just 7 weeks when we first started”

In fact the Jane Somner Cash On Demand success story has gone from strength to strength. In the past four years since starting out on a shoestring – the Jane Somner Cash On Demand business has now pulled in over £1.1million for Jane and her husband. They still work from home – though these days most of the ‘work’ is done for them by a fulfilment house “That means my husband no longer has to stuff jiffy bags with CDs” says Jane. “It allows us both to have a great lifestyle with all of the donkey work done for us.”

You can learn more about the Jane Somner Cash On Demand story by requesting a FREE trial of Andrew Reynolds course at www.ec.tv

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