Andrew Reynolds Sponsors Mt Kilimanjaro Trek

When one of Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand students told him about her decision to trek to Mt Kilimanjaro, he offered to be a sponsor.

Barbora had contacted Andrew Reynolds to tell him how his Cash on Demand system home study course had changed her life.

It had all started when she watched Andrew Reynolds on the Entrepreneur Channel. She decided to subscribe to his Cash on Demand study course.

For years Barbora said she lived a mediocre lifestyle. Her husband was struggling to make decent money from the business he had started 3 years ago.

After studying the course modules, Barbora applied Andrew Reynolds system to focus on achieving the dreams and aspirations you want out of life. She applied it for business goals and then realized it would also work for her personal life.

As Barbora’s self-belief increased, she gained confidence and began taking on new challenges. When she lost a close family member to cancer, Barbora wanted to use her new found courage to do something positive.

Inspired by Andrew Reynolds continued fund raising work with various charities Barbora joined a team to climb Mt Kilimanjaro to help raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Andrew Reynolds helped Barbora’s mission by sponsoring her trek.

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