Andrew Reynolds on the Power Of Giving – Part 2

According to Andrew Reynolds, the simple unselfish act of giving from the heart and with the comfort of knowing that you will always have more than enough – creates almost a kind of  bond between you and your higher power, or whatever you want to call the universe, spirit, subconscious mind, or what some religions have long called God.. That connection to something higher is a sort of bond or trust – a faith – that you will always have more than you need – and you can therefore share with others unselfishly whenever you want to.

As Andrew Reynolds puts it – it is almost as though the Universe is saying “This guy believes he/she has enough to give to others – so lets make sure he gets more so that they can give more. Andrew Reynolds says “It’s a weird concept and one that I was very sceptical about – until I actually tried it. Its been my experience that it really works. You keep receiving more simply because you are giving from the heart.”

These days it is so easy to get bogged down with our own needs and wants- and we can get selfish. We tend to focus on our own petty problems and only think of ourselves. But in reality, if we only looked at the bigger picture, we would see that our day to day issues are in fact very tiny.

Now that’s not to say that we don’t, from time to time, experience serious hurdles in our lives. Hurdles that we need to jump over to get on in life. But they are just that – hurdles. If you look around you and ask yourself what you can do for others – even when you are at your lowest point in life  – which happens to everyone, you are not alone. Really ask yourself “What can I do to help someone today?”

Think about it – if we all took the attitude that it is only us who has problems – and we didn’t help our neighbour – if everyone thought the same way and no-one helped anyone else – we would all find ourselves cocooned in our own little world focused on our own problems and no-one would move forward.

Andrew Reynolds teaches his students that the art of giving is a part of human nature. Andrew explains that this is why he personally gets so much out of the process. He enjoys seeing the smile on peoples faces that the gifts bring. “Each of us has the desire to see someone smile – and to smile back. Deep down we get fulfilment from helping someone else.

But it is so easy to say that you have nothing to give. If you have yet to create financial wealth in your life – and have no money to give – you can still use the art of gifting by giving freely of your time.

Even giving just a small gesture to your higher power and believing that you will always have more than enough to give will trigger the reaction for you.

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