Andrew Reynolds on the Power Of Giving

According to Author and Philanthropist Andrew Reynolds there exists a huge power that comes from the simple art of giving. Here he details how the power is actually created and shows you how it can be applied.  – Andrew Reynolds teaches others why the art of just giving doesn’t have to be purely monetary. In fact says Reynolds, the art of giving can provide rewards that you really never thought were possible

Reap and Ye Shall Sow

Have you ever noticed that successful people who have made money, tend to get involved in charity work?

Many of these successful people seem also not just to be handing over large cheques and funds but actually seem to get fully immersed in what the charity is trying to do to better the lives of others..

Many times, of course, it is simply that the person wants to get involved. No other motive

And whilst some people might look upon such charity giving as ‘good PR’ or a way of getting some ‘credibility’ – when you did below the surface, by and large, you’ll find that these entrepreneurs and successful wealthy people actually get involved, not for the glory – but they do it from the heart

Andrew Reynolds for example, lost his Father a few years ago. One of his Fathers wishes was to spend his last days in his own home, rather than in a hospital or hospice.

Andrew Reynolds says that the last few days that his Dad spent in his own bed at home and sat in the garden were all made possible thanks to the local community nursing team

Determined to help others do the same, Andrew Reynolds now funds a community nursing team at his local Hospice in Farnham. “I wanted to do something that would directly impact people’s lives. Not a Capital project – I wanted to help get nursing staff out into the community.”. Reynolds therefore agreed to fund for over 5 years, the costs of a community nursing vehicle, equipment including phones etc and also the staffing costs of nurses and doctors.

It is this selfless giving – where you give straight from the heart that provides the giver with hidden power of giving. Such an act is not related to any particular special event – not a public holiday, not a celebration, it is merely a completely selfless act that sees you giving straight from the heart – because you truly have a passion and a desire to share what you have and to give for a particular reason that is dearly close to your heart. No hidden motive – no expectation of getting something in return. You simply give because you want to.

Andrew Reynolds is a great proponent of the Law of Attraction and other laws of the Universe. As he puts it – “If you simply give from the bottom of your heart, you are engaging the power of a greater power and informing your subconscious mind that you are a truly caring person and that you want to share the things that you have – to give back. You also really, genuinely, don’t care if you get nothing in return. Getting a return is not the reason for your giving so openly – you really are not interested in whether anyone notices or even thanks you. That is not the point of the gift.,

However, when you do actually give from the heart, the response can be very overwhelming. With absolutely no connection to the gift – you will begin to notice things happening in your own life, for the better. Things start to go right for you – because people who give from the heart get something back hundreds of times greater than the original gift.

Giving from the heart means that you are not expecting anything in return. You give because you have enough to share.

Giving actually allows you a sense of freedom. You can run your life KNOWING that you will receive everything you wish for – if you just give unreservedly in the first place.

The simple act of you giving, safe in the knowledge that you will always have enough to give through the trusting act of giving itself. It’s a difficult concept to get your head around – so just try it – form the heart and believe. You’ll see the results come back many times over.

Continued in part two….

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