Andrew Reynolds on the Law of Gratitude

There are definite techniques used by ordinary people who become rich. Author, philanthropist and multi-millionaire Andrew Reynolds is no exception. This ordinary guy has reached dizzying heights of wealth, from debt to making a staggering £50million in just twelve years.

Gratitude makes a life to be grateful for – Andrew Reynolds

I am sure you will agree it’s the easiest thing in the world to be grateful if you have millions in the bank and you’re lazing in your hammock on the verandah of your seaside mansion in the Bahamas.

It’s a completely different matter trying to feel grateful when every weekday morning you’re in a crushing queue on a tube station platform, or in a snarl-up on the motorway. It’s even worse when all this agro is to get to a job you can’t stand.

Andrew Reynolds like many rich people knows you cannot wait to be grateful until you have the money and lifestyle. If you are not grateful for what you have now, you won’t get the money and lifestyle you desire.

As Andrew Reynolds knows, this is very powerful so please don’t dismiss it. If you are not happy with your life as it is now, with the level of income you have now, by understanding the law of gratitude you can change your life and have what you want.

So many people try to improve their life and sadly fail. They may go to a seminar and come away feeling this is it, this is the beginning of the rest of my life. I’m going to make this work. It works for others, it can work for me.

But when they get home, the daily grind of their life erodes their happiness. It cuts into their determination to take action. They become unhappy and miserable.

These emotions act like brakes. It’s a bit like filling up a car with fuel and starting out on a two hundred mile journey. Fifty miles down the road, there’s a fairly large branch across the road. You stamp on the brakes and stop the car. What do you do? You’ve got two choices – you move the branch and continue your journey or you turn back and go home, which means you can’t complete your journey.

Without understanding and using the Law of Gratitude when your journey to change your life hits a block you stamp on the brakes and stop. You literally don’t go any further, you just give up.

So, how do you use the law of gratitude to change your life (as so many multi-millionaires have) and why does it work?

Andrew Reynolds explains to his students how he used this law to change his life. Before he created the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system and became a multi-millionaire he was living in a three-bedroom semi on an estate of identical box houses. Andrew Reynolds didn’t have a new car, couldn’t afford many good clothes, had credit card debts and a mortgage. On top of that, he was coping with divorce.

On the surface it’s difficult to see what Andrew Reynolds could be grateful for. But think about it. He had his health. He had a home – even if Andrew didn’t think much of it, he did have a roof over his head. Andrew Reynolds also had a car – it wasn’t the car he wanted – but it was a vehicle to get him from A to B.

Guess what would have happened if Andrew Reynolds had been miserable about his lot? I’ll give you the answer to that. When Andrew Reynolds was invited to a seminar in the USA, he wouldn’t have bothered to buy a ticket and fly over. At that time, he couldn’t afford the ticket, he was in a job he hated and had to ask for the time off. In fact, as Andrew Reynolds says, he had to phone his boss at home on Sunday morning and ask if he could have next week off. The boss agreed but refused to pay him.

Imagine if Andrew Reynolds had been down in the doldrums over his life – there is no way he would have had the motivation, the determination to go to America. As it is, he did go and what he learned there turned his life around. During that trip he learned another way of doing business. What he learned he fine-tuned and created his Cash on Demand system. Today, just twelve years later he has earned £50million.

Dr. Joe Vitale, another multi-millionaire, was at one time homeless. And when he first heard about the law of gratitude, he thought, ok, I’ll be grateful when I get the car, when I’m out of poverty. But that’s not the way it works. You have to be grateful first, and then what you want follows.

Why this works has already been shown in Andrew Reynolds story. Because when you find things to be grateful for about your present life, you are happy. And happiness keeps you positive. When you’re in a positive mood, you are open to seeing opportunities and taking advantage of them.

Being in the doldrums will never lift you out of your present situation and improve your life. Being happy you will naturally attract (the law of attraction) good things to you, things that make you happy.

What you are grateful for you get more of. So if you are grateful for the money that comes your way – more money will come to you.

This is part of the millionaire mindset. Have you ever met an unhappy millionaire? And going back to what we covered at the beginning of this article, if you have always thought, of course, they’re happy why shouldn’t they be? After all, they have everything. Now you know the trick is to be happy BEFORE you get rich, BEFORE you’re living the lifestyle you want.

Andrew Reynolds on How to Activate the Law of Gratitude

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