Andrew Reynolds on the Law of Attraction

Andrew Reynolds asks his students at seminars “What would you think if you saw someone driving a car along the motorway, suddenly deliberately steer straight into the crash barrier?

Once you knew their action hadn’t been caused by a heart attack or some other logical reason, you’d be shocked and then possibly angry that someone could be so stupid.

Yet sadly, that is what so many people unknowingly do every day of their lives. The actions they take steer them straight towards disaster.”

Understanding the Law of Attraction Steers You Towards Success

According to Motivational Business Coach Andrew Reynolds, at first it’s hard to understand that the Law of Attraction is a law – it’s not movable, it’s not changeable. Just as the law of gravity it cannot be changed. If someone falls from a high balcony, the law of gravity dictates they will hit the ground. Nothing will change that. Andrew Reynolds says “The law of gravity doesn’t stop to evaluate if that person is good or bad, rich or poor.

The law of attraction works in the same way. If a person continually concentrates their thoughts on worrying about how to pay the bills, they will attract a life of continual struggle.”

If a person continually concentrates their thoughts on abundance the law of attraction dictates they will attract abundance into their life. That’s what Andrew Reynolds did when he decided to turn his life around.

According to Andrew Reynolds, the law of attraction doesn’t stop to evaluate if that person is good or bad, rich or poor. It simply acts upon and brings into reality, whatever someone’s dominant thoughts and feelings are.

Andrew Reynolds Teaches on The Law of Attraction and the Role of Responsibility

As Andrew Reynolds put it in a recent presentation on stage “It’s all too easy to deny that the law of attraction works because to do so, we have to take full responsibility for our life. It’s far easier to blame the things we don’t like about our life on the government, or a bad economy, or our parents, teachers, society. The list is endless.”

How often do you hear people complain that they hate their job and yet never do anything to change that? If you suggest they make a change you get a list of excuses, “I couldn’t afford to give it up,” or “it would be okay if so and so left” and so it goes on.

Someone in this position is using the law of attraction but in a negative way. For their continual moaning means they are directing energy towards keeping alive a situation they don’t want. Their feelings of discontent and their thoughts of what’s wrong with their job add energy to a negative situation.

But in all honesty, who’s fault is it that person is in that job? All too easy to blame it on parents, teachers in fact anybody, it’s far harder to take a long hard look at yourself and think actually it’s my fault I’m in this job.

The moment someone does that, life changes for them. It opens their heart and mind to working out what they would like to do instead. To ask what job would bring happiness?

That’s what happened to Andrew Reynolds around 14 years ago when he first started to put the Law of Attraction into use himself. He stopped blaming everyone else and determined to do something for himself. £50 million later he is a firm believer in the power of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction and World Events

We have all known people who we try to avoid because they depress us with their continual moaning. At Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp event at the O2 for example he spoke about the ‘whiners and the wingers’. Some people are always ill or they always have a gripe. Have you noticed how someone like this can really drain your energy?

Then there are those people we actively seek out, or are happy when they call us or we meet in the street. They’re happy and usually have some good news. Their happiness is infectious and your day is much brighter for your communication with them.

Andrew Reynolds said, “Let’s take a look at the people we wish to avoid. They gripe about the state the world is in, the wars or the amount of drug taking for instance. What do they achieve by talking about it? Nothing, they don’t solve the problems. But, far worse, these people are creating more problems by lending energy to the already existing problems.

Let’s take war and the law of attraction”. According to Andrew Reynolds, the law of attraction states that you get what you concentrate on. So, when someone concentrates on war, if they play lots of war games or are angry about a certain war, they are attracting war by the law of attraction. As Andrew Reynolds said, “ don’t just dismiss this as some poppycock notion”.

Look at it another way. There are two gatherings – one is a protest march against war and the other is a peace march. There is a profound difference between these two marches. The thoughts and feelings of the protestors in the march against war will aggravate and give energy to war.

The thoughts and feelings of the people in the peace march will promote peace – the exact opposite to war.

Andrew Reynolds Shows How to Activate the Law of Attraction for Good in Your Life

“One of the easiest ways to use the law of attraction to bring about good in your life is to concentrate on the exact opposite of what you don’t like.

If you don’t like the job you are in, concentrate on the type of job you’d like to do. A lot of people end up in jobs they don’t like, to please someone else. For instance, the man whose father was an accountant so he ends up in the same profession just to please his father. Deep down this guy wants to work on a farm.” Says Andrew Reynolds

The easiest and surest way to make the change from accountant to a farmer – no matter what practical obstacles are in the way – is to concentrate on the desired lifestyle.

Changing Thought Patterns

Andrew Reynolds says “While the law of attraction is stunningly simple – whatever you continually feel and think about you attract into your life – it is not a simple thing to change your thought patterns.”

When you really think about the law of attraction, it becomes crystal clear why some people like Andrew Reynolds live in a big house most of their life. It makes sense why third world countries never seem to get out of poverty.

The reason is our minds are being programmed from the moment we are born and some people believe it starts from the moment of conception. So, if you are born into a grand family home with a dozen bedrooms, hectares of land, housekeeper, cook and gardeners that is the programming your mind receives. This is life as you know it and so your thoughts and feelings are bound up with this way of life. Money is no object and you get what you want when you want it.

Of course for most of us, this is not the normal. It’s more likely to be, we grow up in a modest flat or house and money is usually tight. We see our parents worried about how to pay for the school trip. When we want something, it isn’t automatically there we have to wait until the end of the month when our parents get their next pay cheque.  This is the life as you know it and so your thoughts and feeling are bound up with this way of life.

Most of us grow up with the horrible feelings of worry about money, and fairly low expectations of a family home.

However Andrew Reynolds is living proof that the Law of Attraction can be used to change your life

Of course, the law of attraction is being activated to attract the same – after all it’s what we’re thinking and feeling.

This shows why it is so tough for third world countries to rise out of their poverty consciousness of misery and want. The people of those countries are born into misery and want and that’s what they are thinking about and feeling because it is all they know.

Only mass education to change the people’s thoughts from want to plenty of food, clothing and shelter will solve the problem – and that’s a tough call to ask of anyone who is permanently hungry.

However, people in wealthy countries can think about the good things for those people. They can imagine those people, healthy and happy with smiling faces and plenty to eat.

The Steps to a New Life

Remember, the law of attraction is powerful because it is a law of the universe, just like the law of gravity. So, like Andrew Reynolds was 14 years ago,

o    If you are stuck in a job you hate, just as Andrew Reynolds was, or are living in a home you don’t want to be in, accept you are in this position because your thoughts have attracted it.

o    Don’t beat yourself up over it just recognize that your programming from the moment you were born led you to this position.

o    Change what you don’t like or want in your life by concentrating on the opposite.

For instance if you want to lose weight, instead of concentrating on being overweight, concentrate on being the size you want to be. Picture yourself the size you want to be, with the body you want.

If you want to live in a bigger house, don’t moan about the house you’re in, do what Andrew Reynolds did – use the law of gratitude by being grateful for having a home and activate the law of attraction by concentrating on the type of house you do want to live in.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful secrets revealed during this century, a tool for completely turning your life around. Andrew Reynolds used it to change his life completely – to go from having debts to generating over £50 Million starting from his spare room at home.

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