Andrew Reynolds on How to Quantum Leap Your Income

Everybody has the power to quantum leap their income – few know the secrets of how to actually do it.

At the core lies a very powerful truth…

Until the individual takes responsibility for the financial position they are in today, they aren’t free to achieve the desired level of income.

It’s Not Your Fault

Let me explain that in more depth. First, understand you are not to blame. If you’re burdened with debts or unhappy about your level of wealth, it’s not your fault – BUT it IS your responsibility.

The moment you accept this, you free up your energy to understand the reason you are not living the life you want; it is the direct result of data you unconsciously downloaded into your brain over the years. All of this data is now your belief system.

If your finances are not what you want them to be, your belief system is sabotaging your conscious efforts. You don’t know what those beliefs are because they are playing out without you being consciously aware of them.

To summarize: If you truly desire to become a millionaire, and you’re doing everything in your power to make that happen, but it still eludes you – the problem lies with your own unconscious beliefs.

Seeing Past the Ego

This is not easy to accept. Our ego shouts and screams at us that of course this isn’t true. Initially we need to analyze this in order to push down the cries of the ego and to get at the real truth.

For instance, if you’re in a business with people around you who are making loads of money from it, but you can’t make it work, it can’t be the business that’s not working. If you’re hopping from one idea to another and yet nothing takes root and creates wealth, the problem has to lie within you.

That doesn’t matter. What does matter is having the courage to admit your beliefs are working against you. To understand it’s not the government’s fault it’s not the fault of your parents, the new tax system or the latest economic fallout.

Take Back your Power

By not accepting responsibility you give away your power. When you cast aside your ego and accept that you and only you are responsible for your financial position, you take back your power. That opens up your heart and mind to finding out what your beliefs are and rooting out those that are sabotaging you.

In order to learn which beliefs are not serving you, you need to understand where the sabotaging beliefs originally came from.

From the moment we are born, our minds are being programmed with data. We first learn about our world mainly from the beliefs of our parents and other family members. If for example, a mother thinks her child should be walking by the time they are ten months old that child will be listening to her and their mind can take on that belief. And that child will also take to heart her disapproval if they don’t walk until after the first birthday – and receive subconscious programming that they are a failure.

Of course, you wouldn’t be. But that is what would be registered in your belief system.

What of the child who is always being told they’re clumsy? Maybe that started from one single event of dropping a cup that shattered. But a parent or even the child latched onto that event, feeding it with negative energy until the belief became a reality and that child broke things on a regular basis. The more emotional a reaction is the more impact it has on our subconscious mind and the more easily it can grow into a belief.

The World is a Benevolent Place

Contrary to how this may all sound – the world is not an unkind place. In fact the way our minds work is incredibly compassionate and loving.

The unconscious mind is responsible for keeping us alive. It directs the heart to beat without us consciously thinking about it. When you have learned to drive a car, the unconscious mind takes over the mechanics so it happens without conscious instructions of how to change gear each time we need to for instance.

First, the conscious mind deals with learning the process of how to drive. Then, through repetition the unconscious mind eventually receives all the data of what you have to do to drive a car.

As we grow up, our conscious mind receives instructions about the world around us and our place within it, the rules of the society we are part of. Any information which is repeated over and over again is eventually data accepted by the unconscious mind. It becomes part of our belief system supposedly essential to our survival. Note the word supposedly. The unconscious mind is not the thinking, the analyzing part of our brains – it is the engine that keeps us alive.

The conscious mind receives data through the senses and then analyzes it. Repetition of the same thought or thought patterns, the same action or set of actions – like driving the car – then soaks into our subconscious mind. Looking at it from a computer angle – information has gone from software to the hard drive.

This is great news! Once we understand that repetition of ideas – especially when accompanied by a deeply felt emotion – will definitely become part of our programmed belief system, we can choose what we want to come into our life.

How to Reprogram for Wealth and Take that Quantum Leap

We can choose to become rich by ‘feeding’ the conscious mind with uplifting thoughts instead of damning ones.

Example: You’ve taken on a new project to make money. You know it works, because other people are making it work. But what are your thoughts? Are they, “I’ll just try this out, maybe it will work, if it doesn’t at least I won’t lose the shirt off my back.” Or, are they uplifted thoughts such as, “What if this is the most amazing business I have even been in? I could make a million in the next couple years.”

That’s your first important technique – make a choice based on research and analyzing the project. If you see other people are making money from this and the project excites you, make certain your thoughts are always uplifted. If you have a downturn thought, mentally scrub it out and replace it instantly with the opposite making it an uplifting thought.

Eventually, these repeated thoughts and your feeling good factor will be taken on by the unconscious mind as part of your belief system. You believe in success and so you will get success.

There are self-help programs which you can use to root out past belief systems which are sabotaging you. It acts like a double whammy – you root out the old belief systems which are not serving you well and at the same time you are installing new belief systems which are driving you towards the life you want.

With a belief system in place that works for you, you will quantum leap your income.

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