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Where Do Our Ideas Stem From?
The obvious answer is from what we read, what we see, what we hear about.
For instance, suppose you decide you want to make more money. The next step you decide to create a product. But you have no idea of what product
So, you search the Internet or go into town and check out the shops, maybe take a trip to the library. If you subscribe to a home study course, like my Cash on Demand course, you follow the step by step instructions.
However, there are other considerations in decision making besides outside stimuli – which if you read on you’ll see the extra value of learning how to make money from those who have already done this.
One element which plays a crucial part in how we form ideas in our daily life is…

Our Reactions
All of our new ideas are sourced from programming or inspiration.
Our programming is determined by how we have reacted to all past experiences, all the sights and sounds that our senses have received during our lifetime.
It is essential to strip away those self-beliefs that are not serving but harming you.
To do this, let’s take a closer look at the science of how we develop our mind programs. We’ll use the subject of money.
Do you believe it’s greedy to want more money than you need?
But here’s the question – How much do you think somebody should have? How much money do you think you should want? A thousand pounds a month, ten thousand or twenty-five thousand? What about one hundred thousand pounds a month?
How do you feel reading this, about my talking so openly about money?
So many of us grow up watching our parents struggle to make ends meet. When we asked for money, many of use were told, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” or some other similar maxim.
The result is that we develop a belief system that it’s wrong to ask for money or to want money. The more religious a person is, generally the more feelings of guilt there are attached to wanting money.

A Healthy Relationship with Money
If you hold such negative beliefs about money you will have a bad relationship with money. Despite all best efforts and determination on your part, as soon as you start making decent money, something always goes wrong and you lose it all. Soon you’re back to square one.
All the ideas you attracted have come to nothing simply because your self-belief system knows you shouldn’t have money – it’s bad for whatever reason you believe.
So, how does this tie up with attracting inspired ideas?
Before we go onto this, I’d like to tell you how you can change any negative programming you may have about money.
The easy way is to…

Focus On The Positive Aspects Of Money
With money you can do so much good in your world and the world at large.
For instance, what’s better? Living in a home with every space taken up with the immediate family or a larger one with one or two spare rooms? With the larger home you have space to entertain other family members and friends. A good sized kitchen means you can cook them lovely meals. A spare room means they can stay overnight.
That is just one reason for seeing that more money can spread happiness.
It’s a simple system, but it works over a period of time. When you have a spare ten minutes, sit down with pen and paper or type up on your computer, a list of all the ways you could make other people happy, if you had lots of money.
In other words, you’re not just going for the big house for the sake of it. Instead, you can see the bigger picture. You live in it alone or with your family and enjoy those times but also expand the joy further to touch the lives of others.
Writing out such a list is the first step.
The second is to remind yourself of that list every day and let your new appreciation of the good that money can do, until this new concept of money becomes a strongly held belief.
Money has energy.
Without a healthy relationship with money you will repel it, no matter how hard you try to attract it to you.
Okay, so let’s get back to attracting inspired ideas.
What do we have to do? We have to do exactly what we have just done. Develop a good positive self belief system.  Not just about money but success and good health.
The more our self-beliefs are working for us, the better serving they are, the clearer our minds are attuned to listening when inspired ideas come along.

Inspired Ideas Come To Us Every Day
The difficulty is not in the scarcity of inspired ideas, but our inability to hear them, to acknowledge them.
Negative self beliefs that have become bad programming block our ability to see or hear the inspired idea when it happens. It’s a bit like somebody rapping their knuckle on your head and shouting, “Look at that book on the shelf,” but you’re walking so fast down the bookshop aisle, you miss it. But this book had information inside it that showed you a product you would be passionate about marketing, for example.
Work on building a positive self belief system. At the same time be sure you are actively seeking inspirational ideas. Don’t wait for them to come to you, go looking for them.
Check out any vague ideas floating around your head by writing them down. Give them a voice. Make sure you have notebooks dotted around the house ready to jot down ideas as any occur. If you don’t, they’re lost. I used to believe I’d remember an idea, but you rarely do. The exact wording for a headline, a phrase, a product idea, they are so easily lost if not written down when they first occur.
Cut out articles, I am always doing this. I cut out adverts, pictures, editorial, from newspapers and magazines. It just has to appeal to you. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see at the time how that information could benefit you.
When your brain indicates a keen desire for you to keep that information do so. Create files for different subjects.

Light Bulb Moments
The more you acknowledge ideas that come into your head, the more you’ll receive and the better you get at recognizing their value. Soon you’ll be having lots of light bulb moments.
But you have to first open up your mind, then take that leap of faith, trust in yourself. You have to believe you can do the right thing at the right time.

If any of this is new to you, try it, it’s empowering!

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