Andrew Reynolds – How to Activate the Law of Gratitude

Here are Andrew Reynolds tips on how you can develop the millionaire mindset of gratitude and use it to change your life.

The Gratitude List

Make a list of everything in your life to be grateful for. Make as long a list as possible. When you start thinking about it, you’ll be surprised. For example, going back to Joe Vitale, the fist time he started to apply the law of gratitude to change his life, was when he realized how grateful he was for a pencil. May sound strange, but think about it. Joe Vitale realized with a pencil, he could write a shopping list, a novel and there was an eraser to rub out if he went wrong. You can even write a gratitude list with a pencil.

So, you can start your list with something you might at first consider mundane. But when you look at it and really work out what that item can do for you, what it does for your life, you open yourself up to a new magical world. It’s really what children do, isn’t it? They find delight in the smallest things, like blowing bubbles and watching them float until they pop. A child sees the rainbow colours in the bubble. Watch the delight in a child’s face, as they reach out and touch a bubble so it pops.

Put yourself into that place, see the magic of life, feel it, taste it, smell it, touch it, hear it.

The Gratitude Stone

Some people use a pebble, or small stone they find during a walk on the beach or in the countryside. Others go to one of the new age type stores and purchase a crystal or polished stone.

The idea behind this technique is that the gratitude stone is a physical reminder for you to be grateful. You see the stone and you remember to be grateful for all the amazing things in your life. Some people carry their stone around while others keep it somewhere in the house where they can see it.

As Andrew Reynolds explains there is one vital element to activating the law of gratitude. When you are going through all the things you are grateful for, it’s very important to do this with FEELING. It’s not a reciting exercise you engage the law of gratitude by either mentally thinking of things to be grateful for with FEELING or do it by saying out loud what you’re grateful for. The key here is the FEELING of JOY that gratitude creates. That feeling is what smashes through the barriers and opens up the pathway to health, wealth and happiness.

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