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At the recent Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Bootcamp attendees were able to see a live example of Andrews philanthropic endeavours. During a trip to the townships near Cape Town, South Africa, as a tourist on a guided tour Andrew was introduced to several entrepreneurs who where striving to change their lives and the lives of people around them. Realising some synergy between what he teaches in his Cash On Demand system and these start-up entrepreneurs, Andrew decided to hold back from the tour group and to spend some time chatting.

First stop was Vicky’s B & B where he met the owner who had enlarged the size of her shack which now boasted 2 storeys and what Vicky calls ‘the honeymoon suite’ at her humble B & B establishment. Posters on the walls declared this to be the worlds smallest B & B. Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand students witnessed on video talking Andrew through the plans for an ambitious re-housing project she and her neighbours had each undertaken. Vicky explained that they had torn down 20 houses in their community and were in the process of building replacement brick built homes with proper roofs and gardens. Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand students then watched as Vicky explained that the project had run out of money half way through. After discussions Andrew volunteered to provide 100% of the remaining funding required to get the houses completed before the onset of winter.

The tourist bus then moved on to another part of Khayelitsha where Cash On Demand party met with a lovely lady called Rosie who runs her own meal centre for local children who have no other means of obtaining their daily meals.

Rosie explained to Andrew live on the video at the Cash On Demand Bootcamp how she was faced with closure as the charity that had provided the funding had run out of money. In an emotionally charged O2 arena attendees of the Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Bootcamp watched (many of them with tears in their eyes) as Andrew was hugged by a teary Rosie after offering to personally fund the continuation of her soup kitchen for many years to come.

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