Andrew Reynolds Breaks Records at 02 Arena

Once a year, Andrew Reynolds organizes an Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. It always attracts huge audiences with some of the biggest Marketers from both the UK and USA on the bill.

The 02 Arena Bootcamp was a record breaker, filled with over 7,500 entrepreneurs.

Some of Andrew Reynolds previous students who had learned his Cash on Demand system and were now multimillionaires joined the commanding line-up of top marketers, also giving seminars from the imposing stage.

When Andrew Reynolds set the wheels in motion for organizing this Entrepreneurs Bootcamp he had another target in mind. He wanted to raise money for the children’s charity, the Make a Wish Foundation.

The charity pays for children diagnosed with illnesses like cancer to go on a holiday of a lifetime to places such as Disney World.

Andrew Reynolds donated all the 02 Bootcamp ticket sales money to the charity. The total raised was a whopping £702,000.

Andrew Reynolds is an inspiration. He readily admits he’s an ordinary guy from humble beginnings who has learned how to make a lot of money. He passes on this knowledge in such an honest and open way so that others can make money from his Cash on Demand system.

At the 02 Arena Bootcamp, Andrew Reynolds students have a chance to learn more and meet each other and for would-be entrepreneurs to listen to experienced millionaires from both UK and USA.

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