Andrew Reynolds – It’s Not Just About The Money

According to Home Based business coach Andrew Reynolds becoming a successful entrepreneur is not just about generating loads of cash and making loads of profit.

Andrew Reynolds said “When I was growing up I was heavily influenced by my grandfather who was a preacher in the local church”. Andrew Reynolds was bought up in relative poverty living with his parents in a single bedroom caravan. Andrew Reynolds father ran a small business of his own which never did particular well and was eventually closed. “I always swore that if I made any real money for myself” says Andrew Reynolds “that I would do something useful with it rather than just fritter it away” Andrew Reynolds has friends who are multi millionaires yet he says are sad lonely people. Their new found wealth which they tend to keep to themselves does not enhance their lives or the lives of others”.

Andrew Reynolds has a different approach and has chosen to contribute both his time, skills and his money to both local and national charities.

On a national level Andrew Reynolds is a patron of The Princes Trust, and ambassador for the Make A Wish charity, who he has raised over £1.2 million pounds for. Also a keen supporter of Great Ormond Street hospital which Andrew Reynolds single handedly raised £325,000 for, which paid for a brand new multi bed treatment room in a new section of the hospital.

More locally Andrew Reynolds has for the last 4 year supported Disability Initiative a Camberley based charity which Andrew Reynolds purchased new equipment for and has gone onto fund other activities for charity clients. Andrew Reynolds also funded a brand new mini bus for the Surrey Heath Dial-a-Ride service. Andrew Reynolds said “I was very moved when an elderly lady explained to me how she used to sit at home day after day with absolutely no contact with anybody – and how the mini bus has now meant that she can now be picked up from home to go to the local Ian Goodchild centre for lunch and to take part in various activities with others at the centre”. Andrew Reynolds says he has a business acquaintance who sports a wrist watch that cost more than the mini bus. “ To me the look on the ladies face was far more important than a glitzy piece of jewellery”.

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