Andrew Reynolds gets scammers shut down

Andrew Reynolds, one of the countries top Home Business trainers and coaches, whose achievements include raising over £1million for the Make A Wish Children’s charity and over £700,00 for Great Ormond Street hospital, recently took legal action to get a Cash on Demand scam piracy site that used his name and counterfeits of his products to take money from unwitting members of the public, shut down

Andrew Reynolds products include the Cash on Demand course – which featured as the best selling home business course on national television for the past three years.

The course, which is delivered monthly as a printed paper Module, has been the subject of piracy recently, on several sites – as have copies of Andrew Reynolds DVDs and CDs.

One such site running a Cash on Demand scam – run by a scammer trading as “KBS Trading” was registered under the name of  J Smith of Tamworth (Odd when the KBS scammers operate out of a London address), and offered for sale unauthorised copies of Andrew Reynolds products at The Cash on Demand scam was operated using Paypal to take customers money. (If you have made a purchase of one of these counterfeit Cash on Demand scam products from KBS – contact Paypal)

Andrew Reynolds lawyers were called in to stop the fake goods counterfeiting of Cash on Demand scam.

This KBS Cash on Demand scam was operated through a site registered on a .be domain name and offered illegal copies of Andrew Reynolds products – which are of course copyrighted and trademarked..

The terms ‘Andrew Reynolds’ and ‘Cash On Demand’ are both registered trademarks owned by Andrew Reynolds. A person calling himself “John Smith” from KBS replied to lawyers demands to sign the Cash on Demand scam domain name over to Andrew Reynolds and instead said they would put the Cash on Demand scam domain name up for sale.

Legal proceedings were immediately put in place with the Belgium domain name registrar – and resulted in the closure of the pirates Cash on Demand scam website.

The registrar confiscated the domain from KBS and re-assigned it to Andrew Reynolds as the registered trademark owner.

If you have received an offer for Andrew Reynolds products that you feel may not be from an authorised seller, please email with full details.


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3 Responses to Andrew Reynolds gets scammers shut down

  1. Well Done Andrew!

    I have met Andrew Personally at the Boot Camp 09; he is a great guy and very switched on, although it will take time as I Work full time for Sky TV, I Intend to go the full way with whatever Andrew Teaches me.

    I recommend anybody requiring a plan B In an uncertain world to go with Andrew Reynolds; he is certainly joint with my boss at Sky TV the most positive guy I have ever met in my life.



    Gary Woollard

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  2. Georgina Brown says:

    I look forward to becoming a student in order to learn how to work from home and make money
    I might find it difficult to begin with, but will manage if I persevere. thanks Andrew

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  3. stanley chambers says:

    Well done Andrew on taking the right positive action to shut these scammers down.I admire your integrity. Thank you for providing us with your great courses and ideas, wishing you the best for the future. Your humble student,

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